Steeplejack Specialists

Steel chimneys
We are an established steeplejack company with years of experience. As steeplejacks we can provide professional services to install, maintain or demolish any structures that have access needs requiring our specialist expertise. These buildings can be in the form of high rises, industrial chimneys, radio masts, water towers and weather vanes.

We are experts at maintaining church spires, brick chimneys or stone columns. We can also demolish any brick chimneys or stone columns in a controlled and safe manner. If required, we can safely replace existing brick chimneys with more easily maintained steel chimneys. We can provide, erect, and service industrial steel chimneys to your specifications.

A. Harfield can provide secure scaffolding to any tall structure so minimising the risks to your business and providing safe access for any work that needs to be done. This is our area of expertise so why risk doing it alone when safety is important to everyone.

So the next time you need a leading steeplejack service to paint your high industrial structure or provide lightning protection, contact A. Harfield to see how we can help you.